Allow me to reintroduce myself…or just introduce myself

Hello all. Since this is my very first blog post I will introduce myself: My name is Chelsea. I am 21 years old and about to begin my final year as an undergrad in College. I feel like I’m standing at the door…well many doors…that will dictate where I go after I walk across that stage and enter the “real” world. School has always been a safety blanket for me, but I never minded because I love it. I love to learn for learning’s sake. However, as another chapter in my life comes to a close, I find myself, yet again, at a crossroads. After high school, since I received a scholarship, it was a given that I would continue straight onto college, and I am so grateful and happy I was able to do so. On the other hand, I knew that if I hadn’t gotten that scholarship I would have held off for a while to explore the world and simultaneously myself. More specifically, I wanted to join the Peace Corps for a couple years before attending undergrad. Now that I am about to be in that same position where I am forced to choose which direction I want to head in next, I feel like I want to break free. I want to let go of my reservations and my fears and just DO. This is what I want this blog to be about. This blog is going to be a documentation of me breaking the mold I created for myself and living the life I speak about and dream about and know that I can do. I will no longer just have ideas, but I will also implement them. I will no longer just dream about traveling, instead I will travel. I will do everything I can to outwardly portray to the world and ultimately to myself all that is me. I feel like my life is beginning again and I want to use this opportunity to live exactly how I want to live: a healthy, holistic, happy life. A life that embodies waking up and doing what I love each and every day. I have many goals, both large and small, that I would like to accomplish, especially as I enter this chapter of my life. By doing what is necessary to accomplish these goals and through reflection, I hope that by the time I graduate in May of 2014 I will have closed some of the gap between my actual self and my ideal self. I will have defeated my fears and rid myself of the part of me that is hesitant to act on my goals and desires. I will have grown and be (better) prepared to face the journey ahead of me that is the “real world.” I’m tired of being stagnant. I’ve grown weary of not living up to my full potential. It is finally time that I buckle down, pick myself up, and be the person I was always so hesitant to be.


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