Goal (or want) fulfilled.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending my very first music festival! Governor’s Ball Music Festival on Randalls Island in NYC was quite the experience: partly due to the performances, but mostly due to the giant mud pit that the park became thanks to Tropical Storm Andrea. However, I must say, the mud made the experience that much more fulfilling! A couple of years ago when Kanye West performed at Coachella, I became cognizant of the world that is music festivals and instantly felt like I had to attend every single one in the U.S….eventually. Fast forward to last weekend and I finally got that opportunity. I had a great time (minus getting lost on Sunday and walking clean across Harlem and the Upper West Side of Manhattan), but besides that it was incredibly fun and I cannot wait to attend more festivals. My boyfriend, who went with me, said that we should make music festivals our “thing” and travel across the U.S. attending them every year. I’m definitely all for that! (Especially since he said he’s treating me to Bonaroo in 2014!) Here are some pictures of the muddy extravaganza that was Governor’s Ball 2013.


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