New favorite fitness app: RunKeeper!

Overall health is still one if my main goals, and so exercise is clearly a big part of that. Recently, I decided to start running outdoors in the morning and/or evenings to see if I like it better than the elliptical at gym and I love it! I downloaded an app called Runkeeper which is available in both Google apps and the Apple App Store and it is great! It has a GPS so it traces and shows me what routes I take while running, it has different workout options including training programs for marathons (I’ve been doing the 2 mile interval training with rest), it lets me know whether or not I’m improving my time and distance, and best of all it’s really user friendly! It is officially one of my favorite workout apps, so if you’re into running or want to get into running check this app out! Oh, and I failed to mention, it also has the option to track a variety of activities from hiking, walking, and cycling to snowboarding! So basically there’s something for everyone! So track your calories and stay active with this awesome app 🙂
Sidenote: my times are so slow because I forgot to pause when I stopped!




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