My senior year has finally begun and I am feeling inspired. I’m not all that sentimental about my school. Most days, actually for the past couple of years, I have kept to myself and my friends. I joined a few organizations and am now on the exec board for a couple of them, I go to parties and kickbacks occasionally, and usually I try to participate in the major events that happen around campus, but normally I can say that I have my reclusive tendencies. Now that I have reached my senior year, I want to branch out as much as I can while I can. I was just reading my school’s fashion magazine, ROCKET, after talking to a few of its editors yesterday at our annual Student Activities Fair (a chance to overwhelm and pressure the freshmen to sign up for basically every organization on campus), and the students that were interviewed just seemed so amazing and interesting and for lack of better words cool, and I found myself thinking: Where the hell are these people on campus? I obviously realize that people aren’t necessarily going to walk around campus with giant signs on their heads that outline a list of their hobbies and interests, but it made me think that I probably need to get out more so I can find these people, people with similar interests, people who are inspirational, people who will challenge me to continue to break out of my shell and do the things I love and am interested in without fear. And don’t get me wrong, I love all…well a good amount of the people that I’ve met and interact with at this school. They are great. But man there is something about surrounding yourself with people who are either where you want to be or on the same path as you. It’s like you can feed off of each others’ energy, expanding your creativity and mind by learning and taking in what others have to offer through their backgrounds, beliefs, etc. Just by reading those few interviews I felt a wave of inspiration and happy that even though I don’t personally know these people, I go to a school filled with such creative souls, and this year I cannot wait to just immerse myself with that type of environment. With that being said, one of my main goals this year is to broaden my horizons and continue to find inspiration in the environment I am in right now. So many people are constantly wishing to get out of the environment they are in at the moment, and of course you always want to strive for more and grow and branch out, but this is my last year as an undergraduate student. I will never be able to experience this again. So, while I’m here, I’m going to embrace it as much as I can, feed my creative mind, hone my craft(s), maybe pick up some new ones, and just be inspired. 


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