Happy (Almost) New Year!

2013 Recap!

I set both short-term and long-term goals for 2013 and I am happy to report that at the year’s end I have either fully accomplished my goals or started them. YAY FOR PRODUCTIVITY! I am definitely the type of person that needs to set goals for myself—as in physically write down what I want to accomplish along with a time frame in which I want to accomplish those goals. Even on a daily basis I now write down what I want to get done in a day just to make sure I don’t sit around watching Netflix and Hulu Plus (one of my weaknesses).

This past year has been a year of bettering every part of my life. I wanted healthier relationships, a healthier body, and to strengthen my spirituality. I also wanted to increase my academic success by making dean’s list for the first time, study abroad and leave the country for the first time in my life (one of my dreams), start this blog (another yay!), among a few other things. I am proud that I have accomplished much of what I wanted to this year since this was the first year I made real New Year goals and stuck with them, however, I believe every opportunity should be one for increase. So, I have been working on creating my goals for 2014 and I am really excited about what this New Year will bring. For one, I will be graduating from college in May, which is a HUGE life milestone, but with milestones comes new challenges and new goals to meet. However, from 2013, I learned that as long as I stay focused, remember where I want to be, and do what it takes everyday to get there then my goals can and will be met. I’m excited about this New Year, and I’m excited about all that this year has in store!

I hope everyone had a fantastic 2013 and an even better ending to it! Just know that even if all your goals weren’t met, there is always an opportunity for improvement and increase as long as you’re alive. Take everything day by day, be specific with your goals, and just go after what you want. Dreaming is the easy part, doing is the challenge, but once you start to act those dreams start to come true. How is that for cliché? J Have a wonderful new year everyone!


Merry Christmas Eve…Eve with Beginner Photography!

My mom always goes over the top with gorgeous Christmas decorations and she finally showed them off yesterday with her “Christmas Open House.” I decided to attempt Bokeh photography on my 18-55mm kit lens on my Nikon D5100. So here are my favorite photographs (and decorations) from yesterday! Feel free to comment and leave feedback, enjoy!



Natural Hair Post!

Hello all!

I’ve been gone for quite sometime due to dealing with school and working two jobs, but lo and behold I have returned with a little natural hair post. Being that this blog is all about my goals, both small and big, from my hair goals to my life goals, I decided to take this little tutorial I wrote for this natural hair website and put it on my own blog. 🙂 I am actually thinking about possibly putting a compilation of some of my hair pictures just to see how far I’ve come thus far on my quest to healthy, long, natural hair. In the meantime, for those who are interested in medium-length natural hairstyles, here is an easy one to do: 

How To Style Old Twist-Out Hair

            After a few days, a nice, defined twist-out can become just the opposite: frizzy and undefined. So, in order to combat the “old twist-out blues” you can spice up that same hair by doing a quick, partial up-do!

What you need:


-Water-based moisturizer

-Oil (if you want)

-Bobby pins

-Hair tie

Take your hair and part it in half horizontally. Use a hair tie to put the top half of your hair out of the way leaving the bottom half of hair out. Now, begin to split the hair that is out into medium sized sections, so that you can spray each section damp with water, and apply your water-based moisturizer (and oil if you’d like) to each section as well. Once each section is damp and moisturized, begin to two-strand twist each section (you can do your twists  smaller if you would like, I just decided to use bigger twists because it is quicker).

When all the sections are twisted, take a couple twists at a time and pin them using the bobby pins to the opposite side of your head. Repeat this with the other twists until all the twists are pinned. By pinning the twists across your head, it creates a slight criss-cross design in the back of your head.

Now it’s time for the top half of hair, which is even simpler!  Smooth the top half of your hair forward and to either the left, right, or center of your head and put the hair tie around your hair to keep it in that place. Pull and fluff your hair to the desired size and ‘poofiness’ you like, and you’re done! A fast, easy partial up-do on old twist-out hair. ImageImageImage