An Artist’s Space

  As artists we usually feed off of our surroundings. We are inspired by the people and places we come across and see on a daily basis. When we are around other artists, their energy inspires us to create and collaborate, and when we feel as though our surroundings are stifling our progress or hindering our creativity we change our surroundings. An artist’s space, where he or she lives or spends the majority of their time, should be an ever changing manifestation of their current inspirations. If I am inspired by love, I want to enter a room where I see and feel love. If I am inspired by Indian culture, I want to bring parts of that culture in my space so that I can feed my inspiration and feel that energy to incorporate it into my work.

            It’s important to make your space reflect your artwork, aspirations, and current muses. When I walk into my room and its clean and I see the artwork on my walls, the decorative lights, and my growing bookshelf it makes me feel like I’m ready to create. When my room is a mess (which it honestly is more often than not) I feel like I cannot get anything done because the first thing on my mind is “I need to clean my room,” and instead of feeling peaceful and rejuvenated and creative I feel stressed and overwhelmed. The way you keep your space is indicative to how you will feel. Therefore, the place where you create, the place where you spend the majority of your time should be an area that breeds the energy that you need in order to be motivated and inventive.

I believe that an artist’s space is no different than the easel for a painter or the paper and pen for the writer (or keyboard/computer since it’s 2014). It should be thoughtful and exude the energy that you need as an artist to be the best you can be each day. Cater to your space. Make your space yours, and allow yourself to feed off of the positive energy it can create.  


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