Shoot Your Shot in 2015

My feature image pretty much explains how I’m currently feeling: I’m the guy in the front, while the guy in the back “shoots his shot.”

I caught myself wandering away from my goals today. It’s easy to hide behind your goals sometimes without actually implementing the action that will make those goals come into fruition. I know I have faith that what is meant for me will be mine, and if I keep working I’ll get it, but doubt always seeps through the cracks.

I do love traveling, and teaching english has given me the opportunity to do that. However, I also know that I want to make a career out of writing. Whether or not I write for a publication (though I would love to) is not necessary when wanting to write and publish my own work, but I must say it does make a girl feel like she has some real experience under her belt—and that’s all I am after at the moment.

So as I  was reading some “job requirements” and “strongly recommended”  I began to think:

“I’m not qualified for that.”

“They aren’t going to hire me I don’t have enough experience.”

Those thoughts quickly traveled to:

“I’m never going to find an opportunity.”

“No one is going to hire me.”

The reality is, no one said it would be easy and you can’t make the shot if you don’t shoot it. I never let fear hold me back until it comes to my writing, and it’s a real hindrance. The time for fearless action and shameless promoting is now. How can you expect to reach your goals if you don’t hone your craft daily? Force yourself to do whatever it is you want to make a living doing everyday, and shoot.your.shot. Out of sheer statistics you’re bound to make at least one, and that one is all you need.

-Goalful Chels


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