Sandy Bottom Nature Park and New Lens

So for Christmas I received a Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8G lens and I was (and still am) so very excited for the amazing bokeh and portrait photography that I will be able to take with this amazing prime lens. As a beginner, I have to play around and do my research a lot more to fully utilize the potential of this lens, but discovery is always the best part! I didn’t particularly like any of these photographs too much, but I had literally just opened the lens and they told me the park was closing in 5 minutes…so this is what I did in 5 minutes haha. Not the greatest, but I can already tell how amazing this lens is and once again I am so excited to keep playing around with it!

 P.S. Did you catch how amazing I think this lens is? Enjoy!

P.P.S. That water was rock solid, and I was so tempted to run across it…but I’m not that crazy.




D.C. Weekend and Random Photographs

I was in Washington D.C. for the weekend to celebrate one of my best friends’ 23rd birthday, and today we shopped and explored the Georgetown area. As many times as I have visited D.C. I had never been to that particular area, so of course I enjoyed seeing some place new. It was a rather dreary day, however, and because I did not want to get my camera wet from the drizzle and rain I unfortunately did not take any pictures of the outdoors, but I took a couple of cool photographs from inside a few stores. 

Really random photography, just some stuff I thought was cool. 


It’s technically Monday, but I’m going to call this my extra late Sunday post 🙂 Hope everyone had a good Sunday!

Merry Christmas Eve…Eve with Beginner Photography!

My mom always goes over the top with gorgeous Christmas decorations and she finally showed them off yesterday with her “Christmas Open House.” I decided to attempt Bokeh photography on my 18-55mm kit lens on my Nikon D5100. So here are my favorite photographs (and decorations) from yesterday! Feel free to comment and leave feedback, enjoy!




I made it to Cambridge, UK and settled in quite nicely. I haven’t yet taken my camera around this beautiful town, but I will be sure to do that very very soon. In the mean time, I took a few pictures on my phone of just SOME  of the beautiful buildings here. I am in love with the architecture and history of this town, everything is so beautiful and grand and quaint and a thousand other adjectives I’m sure I could think of to describe this place. I am so excited to see more! Oh, and I finally purchased a Cambridge satchel bag I’ve been wanting from the store itself :). Enjoy these camera phone quality pictures in the mean time and I’ll be sure to make up for it later 😀